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One System - Complete Control
The Integration Module is a dedicated home systems controller designed to tie camera, lighting, intercom and audio systems together. The Integration Module generates the graphical user interface (GUI) that homeowners will come to know as their Unity Home System.

The Homeowner View
A graphical user interface allows homeowners to see into and control their Unity Home System. It is logically laid out for homeowners to be able to call room-toroom with their intercom, adjust the volume of the music playing in the living room and view the front door camera with the navigational arrows and soft buttons on the LCD Console. With the release of software version 2.2 and additional hardware pieces, the Unity Home System now includes support for lighting control and Internet Radio, as well as mobile device control and interface expansion capabilities.

• Up to six cameras per system
• Up to eight LCDs or TV Displays per system with expansion (TV displays can be shared for even more interfaces)
• System can be expanded for up to 16 audio zones
• Efficient Cat 5 installation
• All units self-discover when connected to power
• No programming required, easy personalization options

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